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PDF Files and conversion Create / Convert files
Pdf file creation with win2pdf printer driver
Pdf file conversion to Word with  Solid converter PDF
DWG and DXF files conversion with Solid converterDWG
Pdf data file conversion to Excel with PDF2XL
Pdf image extraction with pdf image wiz
Others The "unobtainables"
Hex Editor, HexAssistant
Idm, download accelerator Internet Download Manager
Printing, record activity and quotas with.Print censor
Screen capture with solidcapture
.Reporting Reports generator
Version.R&R reportworks Sql, odbc.
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programme programmes utilitaire utilitaires logiciel logiciels progiciel progiciels distributeur importateur gestion comptabilité compta telemaintenance télémaintenance barcode program soft software krahmer and de LOGICIEL

Reporting software:
for Xbase and Sql / Odbc databases Report Writer R&R (for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP) 

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The "unobtainables" and specifics:
    Virtual cd rom DriveVirtual CD Rom software CDSPace (space)to emulate a cd rom drive

    HexAssistantHex editor (HexAssistant

    IDMIdm (Internet Download Manager - IDM) , download accelerator.Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.

    mportation donnees)
    PDF: Create easily PDF documents files with Win2pdf printer driver and the "print to pdf" option from any application 

    PDF: Convert easily PDF documents files to HTML with Pdf2html / Pdftohrml(for Windows )

    PDF: Convert easily PDF documents files to DOC with Solidconverter(for Windows)

    Pdf data file conversion to Excel with PDF2XL

    ... Others products, please contact us

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